I am deeply saddened by the negative attitude, behavior, and hateful language by many Christians today as a result of the presidential election. It is embarrassing and not a proper representation of the Christian message of love. While truth is connected with love, one’s promoting of truth with spiteful tones or vengeful attitude compromises the integrity of the Gospel.
Many were deeply connected to the presidential election. Many Christians supported Mitt Romney. He lost. Christian Republicans gripe, complain, and insult Christian Democrats or others who voted for “the other.” Christian Democrats brag, boast, and are derogatory to Christians who voted for “the other” (note the purposeful term applied to both parties). It is appalling. The attitude is divisive, partial, narrow-minded, and hurtful.

The Christian connection to politics is necessary, but perhaps overdone. Many placed their hope in a single individual who, despite being outside of the Christian faith, was supposed to restore America to some Christian value. This post is not meant to be political, but is meant to point out that too many, Christian and non-Christian alike, placed misguided hope in a man more than in God.

If you are unhappy about the election outcome, then take action. Stop embarrassing the Gospel and begin to take movement in making things better. If you are happy about the outcome, do the same! The country is divided red and blue, yet there is no place for this in the body of Christ. Enough with the complaining (or bragging of your candidate won). Work together, set an example. Create not a detriment to Christianity, but a portrait of unity amongst diversity.

Let us never return to the wretched attitude that is currently possessed. Move forward in faith, hope, and love.

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